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Founded in 2006 by Rob Baldwin

Rob started his career close to thirty years ago in the early days of modern 3D Computer Graphics: 3D Modeling and Animation, Visualization, Virtual Reality, and Image Processing. Rob co-founded a Virtual Reality company in 1993. The techniques evolved with the times into Video Games, Visual Effects and Simulations.

Having worked on Hollywood productions for over twenty-five years, Rob continues to work on many high-profile films and TV shows, steering the look and feel of space epics and animated entertainment alike. He was also a pioneer in the development and practice of Celshaded Animation, a computational technique using 3D to match hand-drawn 2D animation. His approaches to image generation included highly technical, scientific and programatic setups to also generate phenomena, such as weather, space elements, and planetary systems.

For eight years at NASA/JPL, Rob leveraged his talent for creating crowd-pleasing imagery, and applied an even more scientific approach, working directly with the engineering and science teams to guide the presentation and visualization of NASA’s latest data gathering and robotic missions.

An instructor at various facilities and events around the world for over twenty years, Rob has taught his techniques for concept design, model generation, image analysis and processing, animation, visualization, programming, pre- and post-production.

Studio Orb has been moving further into the programming and development world, and has released several cutting edge apps and tools. Projects include Augmented and Virtual Reality, Generative Design, realtime data collection/manipulation and Machine Vision.

Rob and Studio Orb have had the pleasure of clients, employers, and visionary collaborators such as:

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